Chromata White Canvas


Those who seek the absolute best colour reproduction and longevity attainable, as well as crack resistance and sheer strength when stretching over frames, should only be using the Chromata White Inkjet Canvas by Breathing Color. With Chromata White Inkjet Canvas, printmakers can be assured that they are offering the latest and greatest Fine Art Canvas technology available to their customers. In turn, customers can be assured that their money is being well spent because their colour reproduction and longevity are at their absolute maximum.

Chromata White Canvas is a textured 21 mil Bright White, consistent Poly Cotton Blend Matte Canvas using an acid-free, neutral pH coating. Unlike 99.9% of inkjet canvas products available on the market today, this giclée canvas utilises the “Chromata White” optical brightener additive-free and Fluorescent Whitening agent-free breakthrough technology.

“Chromata White” gives the end-user the most stable platform on which to print photographs and fine art works without the metamerism issues or colour shift issues inherent on other canvases. Optical Brighteners compromise the attainment of true colour, they complicate profiling accuracy and they deteriorate and yellow over time.

Chromata White Inkjet Canvas is the most archival canvas available. In addition, its breakthrough technology results in a canvas that is whiter than traditional canvas manufactured without OBA’s. Chromata White was designed to deliver roll to roll consistency from one production to the next.

The water resistant surface works exceptionally well with Glamour™ II Veneer, a proprietary water-based top coat giclée coating designed specifically for inkjet canvas. If coated with Glamour II, this canvas will not crack even under extremely rigorous stretching conditions.