This Identity and Logo design has been taken into a Microsoft Word template so that documents can be printed direct to an inkjet printer without the need to print and store hundreds of letterheads.

The “Future First” logo and Identity have been used on various documents including letterheads, compliment slips, reports, posters, websites, newsletters and stickers to attach to recycling bins.

The “Domestic Abuse” logo was created to reflect the feelings of fear and pain by using a device which can be seen as a head hiding behind a vertical with a plaster over one eye. I used purple and black to reflect bruising. The device can also be read as Ox to distinguish it as being Oxford’s Domestic

Abuse helpline.

The “You can be…” identity was created for a hypnotherapist who wished to convey an uplifting upbeat message to reflect what her business can do for you. The “Kid you can…” identity is for a sister company that focusses on children.



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